4D Video of Claimant MRI

72 hour turnaround, $1500 per MRI or CT scan



  • Let’s face it, there is a lack of mutual trust between adjusters and plaintiff attorneys
  • Arguing over whose doctor is correct and words on paper drive up costs and time to resolve the claim
  • 4D MRIs eliminate the guesswork and levels the playing field, making it easy for any non-medical person (e.g. plaintiff attorney or claimant) to read and understand an MRI
  • Each video includes a comparison of the claimant MRI to an anonymized MRI of comparative anatomy in both a normal state and an injured state

plaintiff-vs-adjuster-thumbnail     3waycomparison

  • Economic incentive to settle
  • Plaintiff attorneys operate on a commission basis
  • For every dollar and every hour a plaintiff attorney invests in a case, they may not get reimbursed if there is no evidence of an objective injury
  • If a plaintiff attorney realizes with their own eyes no injury exists, they are far more likely to throw in the towel and resolve the claim at a fair value
  • If they recognize the carrier is prepared to try the case, they are less likely to invest the time and money pursuing

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                                                                                                                                                                                        How to Use A4D Video

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