48 Hour Medical Expert Review


  • In less than 48 hours for $200 determine:
    • If an injury is real, exaggerated, or unrelated
    • Age of injury: if the injury existed prior to the accident in question
  • Comparison study: if before and after imaging exist, determine if the injury was made worse
  • Our independent medical examiners are highly credentialed Board Certified Radiologists
  • We match a licensed radiologist licensed in the state to the state the claim is filed in
  • Feedback is provided orally over the phone (written opinions also available)
  • All radiologists are available for expert depositions and testimony
  • If unsure whether an injury was induced by trauma, call us to complete your investigation
  • Medical images provide key information in assessing the veracity of an injury claim



For more information about our medical review service please email: Demo@authentic4d.com orders call: 248.671.3878.

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