Reduces Claim Values and Litigation Costs

Lower the value of claims and litigation costs. Authentic4D exposes manufactured cases and discredits exaggerated or non-existent injuries resulting in material cost savings to insurance companies.

Authentic4D provides value beyond a physician medical report. Pictures don’t lie and the Authentic4D claims resolution service lets the medical images tell the true story of the case.

Actual anatomy of client

Using its patented and novel 3D rendering technology, Authentic4D translates radiologic depicted anatomy into an easy-to-understand 3D video or still image of actual anatomy.

Used as evidence

Our videos and still images present actual anatomy taken straight from the original MRI, CT or X-ray image as opposed to an indiscernible black and white 2D image, medical illustration or animation.

Certified radiologist review

All cases are reviewed and certified by an in-house and board certified neuro or general radiologist for accuracy of annotation and the 3D depiction of actual anatomy. Full diagnostic reports are available upon request.

Less than 72-hour turnaround

Our investment in software development and medical professionals enables customization in automated fashion.


At no more than $995 per scan, Authentic4D is affordable in response to a demand letter and throughout any phase of litigation.

FDA cleared technology

Our software was designed for medical professionals requiring us to comply with a very high standard, the FDA. Authentic4D’s 3D rendering technology was cleared by FDA in May 2012 (K121023).

Lower the value of claims

More than 65% of humans are visual learners and 99% of humans are unable to read an MRI or CT scan. Yet most people rely upon words to try and convince the other side of their position. Authentic4D makes is easy for all parties to appreciate the lack of, exaggeration, or presence of objective injuries.

Decrease litigation costs

Billions of insurance dollars are wasted each year (legal and expert fees) and lost adjuster productivity due to the ‘back and forth’ attributed to the (a) lack of an early understanding of medical images and (b) distrust with a treating physician medical report. The Authentic4D service streamlines the process bringing clarity to medical images resulting in less “ping pong” and faster resolution.

Affordable, compelling return on investment

Authentic4D improves the probability of lower claim values and decreased litigation costs when injuries are not observable or exaggerated. Authentic4D improves insurance carrier confidence to pay claims when real injuries exist saving carriers unnecessary expert and legal fees from prolonged litigation.

Powerful, convincing evidence during litigation

Pictures or surveillance cameras don’t lie and Authentic4D lets the actual medical images tell the true story of the case. Combat plaintiff attorney sensationalized illustrations or animations with the actual medical images in an easy-to-understand 3D tour of the alleged injuries and comparison vs. corresponding healthy or injured anatomy

Easy for attorneys and jurors to understand medical images

99% of humans lack a medical degree and are unable to read a medical image. We translate what is indiscernible the most, into an easy-to-understand tour of actual MRI or CT scan in 3D, preserving the integrity of the data and enabling greater comprehension of medical images.

Discern real from non-existent injuries

Visually compare the alleged plaintiff injuries to corresponding healthy anatomy to prove lack of objective injuries or degenerative conditions.


Visually expose manufactured cases    
Actual Anatomy in full-motion 3D       
Valuable for pre-litigation review       
72–hour turnaround time       
Complimentary radiologist certification       
Neuro radiological review and report      
Still images      


Discover the power of easy to understand, actual anatomy.