Comparison to IME

Comparison to IME:

IMEs usually take months to complete and cost thousands of dollars.
During this time the claimant continues to receive treatment and costs continue to mount. So in days instead of months and for less than $1000 you have what you need to contest a questionable claim.  You also have a compelling and objective video, rather than a medical report that may be viewed as biased.

Authentic4D evaluates a claim within 48 hours by a credible and board certified neuro or musculo-skeletal radiologist licensed in the state the claim is filed in. Both the speed and cost are a fraction of an IME. The 3D video adds a visual layer that removes the possible skepticism the plaintiff’s counsel  often has in the piece of paper furnished by an IME. Further, the 3D video is fully admissible and sends a powerful message that you have invested in your case and are prepared to try it if you cannot obtain a fair settlement.