Speaker and Conference Participation

Authentic4D CEO Jorey Chernett has spoken at more than 20 industry conferences since 2015 and has been featured as a TED Talk presenter on 3D technology. Jorey’s 4D Technology presentation has been consistently rated amongst the highest scored at industry conferences.  

To learn more or to inquire about Mr. Chernett’s presenting at an future insurance related conference please email: tbrambrick@authentic4D.com.

                                                                                              2017 Claims Conference

Information provided by Jorey was not only relevant and beneficial, but also delivered in a straightforward and engaging manner.

“If 4D technology does what they say it can do, 4D will benefit the claims process in a HUGE way.”

“The BEST thing I learned at this claims conference was 4D technology.”


                                                                                        2016 Risk Management Summit

“Jorey’s perspective was critical in captivating the audience about the usage of 3D imaging and how this allows for greater authenticity for insurers and companies especially in the claims investigation process to determine the legitimacy of a claim.”

Robert D. Woods Jr.
Senior Vice President, Claims

Upcoming Conferences

  • Coalition Against Insurance Fraud  November 2016    Bloomingdale, IL                                                                                            *Participating Speaker
  • National Workers Compensation and Disability  November 30-December 1, 2016    New Orleans, LA
  • National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators  December 2016    Chicago, IL                                                              *Participating Speaker
  • Gallagher Bassett & CLM Educational Seminar  December 2016     Atlanta, GA                                                                              *Participating Speaker
  • NAMIC Claims  February 2017    San Antonio, TX                                                                                                                                      *Participating Speaker
  • CLM Annual  March 2017    Nashville, TN                                                                                                                                                    *Participating Speaker
  • Insurance Fraud Management Conference  March 2017    Phoenix, AZ
  • Auto Insurance Report National Conference  April 2017    Amelia Island, FL                                                                                    *Participating Speaker
  • National Conference on Compensation Insurance  May 2017    Orlando, FL
  • CLM National Workers’ Compensation Conference   May 2017    Chicago, IL                                                                                  *Participating Speaker
  • AASCIF June 2017    Oklahoma City, OK


Past Conferences

  • Central PA Claims Association  October 2016    Harrisburg, PA                                                                                                           *Participating Speaker
  • NJSIA Seminar  October 2016    Atlantic City, NJ
  • Energi Risk Management Summit  October 2016    Las Vegas, NV                                                                                                     *Participating Speaker
  • IMI 14th Annual Claims Seminar Henry Center for Executive Development  September 2016    Lansing, MI
  • IASIU Seminar  September 2016    Las Vegas, NV
  • CLM Claims College  September 2016    Baltimore, MD
  • CLM Boston  July 2016    Boston, MA
  • LCA Conference & Expo  June 2016    Natchez, MS
  • America Claims Event  June 2016    Minneapolis, MN
  • New England SIU Expo  June 2016   Boxborough, MA
  • SIIA Self Insured WC Exe Forum  May 2016    Scottsdale, AZ
  • CLM Atlanta  May 2016    Atlanta, GA
  • CCA Midwest Claim Conference  April 2016    Geneva, WI
  • Auto Insurance Report  April 2016    Colorado Springs, CO
  • CLM 2016 Annual Conference  April 2016    Orlando, FL                                                                                                                       *Participating Speaker
  • NYSSIU Training Seminar  February 2016    Saratoga Spring, NY                                                                                                        *Participating Speaker
  • National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference  November 2015    Las Vegas, NV
  • ACE Tech  November 2015    New York City, NY                                                                                                                                      *Participating Speaker
  • NJSIA  October 2015    Atlantic City, NJ
  • ACEA  October 2015    Asheville, NC
  • Insurance Institute of Michigan  September 2015     Lansing, MI                                                                                                        *Participating Speaker 
  • CLM Claims College  September 2015    Philadelphia, PA
  • Workers Compensation Institute  August 2015     Orlando, FL
  • Insurance Institute of Michigan  June 2015    Thompsonville, MI
  • DTCWV  June 2015     Wheeling, WV
  • Western Regional Adjusters Conference  June 2015    Frisco, TX
  • MDTC   May 2015    Midland, MI
  • CLM: Insurance Fraud Conference  May 2015    Boston, MA
  • DRI Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute  March 2015    Chicago, IL

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