Onsite Imaging Review

  • We visit you and review all films and accompany medical records onsite
  • We pay for airfare and other travel expenses
  • We enable our clients to close files quickly and get personalized face-to-face feedback
  • We encourage clients to plan ahead by requesting claims with imaging
  • Our medical expert will show up (minimum 21 days notice) and work with our national medical expert team to review all films and accompany radiology reports while in your office (typical engagement is 2 – 3 days)
  • We only require a space to work (cubicle or conference room) and an Internet connection
  • Authentic Onsite can help you close files quickly by determining which claims are legitimate and should be paid vs. which claims are exaggerated.
  • Standard pricing applies:
    • $200 and 48 hour turnaround time for standard medical review
    • $650 and 72 hour turnaround time for written opinions
    • $1500 and 72 hour turnaround time for 4D video


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