• Authentic4D is a quick and affordable solution for distinguishing a legitimate claim from an over-reaching one, enabling a more efficient resolution.
    Director of Claims, Top 15 P&C Carrier.
  • “Medical fraud is a huge problem.  Authentic4d videos send a powerful message to plaintiff attorneys and their clients that we are serious about defending exaggerated and inflated injury claims.”

Christopher R. Conroy
AVP Litigation Management
Energi Insurance Services, Inc.

  • We used the Authentic4D video during a mediation to debunk an alleged exacerbation claim of the lumbar spine. The 3D video played a major factor in the elimination of the costs associated with two surgeries.

Claims Manager

Top 10 Property & Casualty Insurer

  • Authentic4d is a game-changer in the insurance industry. At a trial in Indiana, one of our lawyers representing a Top 5 insurance carrier showed the three-dimensional images to the jury. The jury could see with their own eyes that the injury was not legitimate, and decided to slash the medical bills by $250,000(court case #: 45D02-1502-CT-00029). That’s the power of 3d imaging.

Shareholder, Kopka, Pinkus, Dolin

Case reference #:  45D02-1502-CT-00029

  • We find the 48 hour medical review service for $200 extremely valuable. We are able to quickly and affordably determine which claims to settle and which ones to contest.
    Workers Compensation Claim Director, Top 20 P&C Carrier
  • Property & Casualty Insurance companies have long been seeking a faster and more affordable alternative to the traditional IME process. Now they have one.Joseph T Fogarty, P&C Claims Consultant
  • I love working with Authentic4D! They make the referral process simple and understand just what I’m looking for in producing a winning video.
    Auto Claims Adjuster
  • In my state we are up against some pretty strict regulations in responding to time demand letters. Authentic4D gets me what I need before the clock runs out.
    Claims Supervisor
  • The best thing about Authentic4D isn’t just their technology. It’s their people who really care about getting my adjusters what they need when they need it.
    PIP Claims Manager
  • I used to hate paying those claims I knew were bogus when I just couldn’t prove it. Now I can.
    Casualty adjuster