Medical Testimonials


Dr. Jeffrey Rubin

Medical Director, Vascular Surgery, Detroit Medical Center

“Authentic’s software takes standard CT and MRI data and visualizes actual patient anatomy in 3D, enabling superior analysis and interrogation of patient anatomical structures.”


Dr. Evan Appelbaum

Imaging Expert, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“Authentic4D’s software uniquely affords the user seamless fluidity of movement and thorough investigation and analysis of complex anatomy.”


Dr. Ari Blitz

Chief of Cardiac Surgery, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

“With Authentic4D, the anatomy could be viewed, and tears identified, in the context of surrounding structures without being limited by anatomical constraints that exist in traditional 2D and 3D views.”


Murali Guthikonda, MD

Medical Director, Vascular Surgery, Detroit Medical Center

“Throughout my career, I have utilized nearly all of the available medical imaging software applications, and can unequivocally say the Intrinsic 3D visualization software is superior. Intrinsic’s 360 degree view provides unprecedented clarity and the most complete picture of patient anatomy, taking cerebral vascular screening and surgical planning to a new level. Most importantly, is the positive impact on the quality of care and the resulting financial savings to the health care provider.”