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Expose Exaggerated Injuries

Insurance Professionals

You are extremely busy. The cases are piling up and you only have minutes per week to glance over each one. IMEs can take months and the longer the settlement process takes, the more money you spend.

Our speed is unparalleled. In 48 hours and for only $200, you’ll know if injury claim is legitimate or not. Our medical experts provide an initial oral evaluation, and you’ll decide if you’d like to proceed with visual evidence at a fraction of the cost of an IME.

Objective, visual truth in 72 hours

Our 3D videos provide objective, visual, admissible truth. This technology can help you avoid litigation and incentivize plaintiff attorneys to settle faster, for less. But if the case does go to court, you’ll have an easy-to-understand piece of undeniable, visual evidence.

Increase your adjusters’ job performance

  • Enable your employees to quickly determine if a claim is legitimate or exaggerated
  • Avoid unnecessary escalation to supervisors or company lawyer
  • Give them the confidence, tools, and evidence to move forward with the negotiation process

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