48‑Hour Medical Expert Oral Review


For a $200 flat fee, our board‑certified radiologists will:

  • Examine as many images as you submit
  • Determine severity of the injury and the age of the injury
  • Perform a comparison study
  • Provide feedback orally over the phone (written opinions are available, if needed).
  • Be available for expert depositions and testimony

Submitting your case for review is easy and can be done completely electronically.

72‑Hour Written Medical Report

Pricing Varies by Type of Report

72‑Hour Written Medical Report from sub‑specialized board‑certified  radiologists

  • Subspecialized radiologists will provide written report of any type of injury claim
  • All experts are licensed in the state of interest and typically reside in such state or a contiguous state.
  • All experts are available for testimony.

Visual Report


72Hour Visual Report

72Hour Written Medical Report from  boardcertified radiologist + still images taken from most important parts of the video.

Video Report


$1,300 per MRI or CT Scan

Combining a Written Medical Report with a dynamic, annotated visual tour of the actual medical image resolves claims faster compared to a traditional standalone report. A Video Report strengthens your position combining speed and the opinion of a highly credentialed independent medical practitioner while appealing to the visual sense, eliminating lengthy medical disputes limited to words on paper.

Each Video:

  • Is about 2 minutes long
  • Contains easytosee 3D images of the injured area
  • Educates nonmedical individuals by highlighting and labeling relevant anatomy pertaining to the injury
  • Visually juxtaposes claimant’s 3D image with healthy anatomy and injured anatomy