48‑Hour Medical Expert Oral Review


For a $200 flat fee, our board‑certified radiologists will:

Submitting your case for review is easy and can be done completely electronically.

72‑Hour Written Medical Report


($500 / case that bypasses VMR, $650 / report if VMR comes first)

72‑Hour Written Medical Report from sub‑specialized board‑certified  radiologists

Visual Report


72Hour Visual Report

72Hour Written Medical Report from  boardcertified radiologist + still images taken from most important parts of the video.

Video Report


$1,300 per MRI or CT Scan

Combining a Written Medical Report with a dynamic, annotated visual tour of the actual medical image resolves claims faster compared to a traditional standalone report. A Video Report strengthens your position combining speed and the opinion of a highly credentialed independent medical practitioner while appealing to the visual sense, eliminating lengthy medical disputes limited to words on paper.

Each Video: