Authentic4D reduces claim cycle time by confirming legitimate injuries faster and identifying those claims that are exaggerated

Close files faster and avoid unnecessary expenses​

Close files faster and avoid unnecessary expenses​

Medical images provide an important role in injury diagnosis. More than 85% of the time a sub-specialized radiologist can review a film and based on the visual information native to the scan, can discern whether an alleged injury was traumatically induced or pre-existing. No matter who you’re representing, you want to minimize costs and arrive at a fair outcome.

The combined speed (48 hours), objectivity (highly credentialed, independent, sub-specialized radiologists) and affordability ($200 per injured party) of our radiological IMEs is unparalleled. Further, it empowers you to reduce claim cycle time and improve the customer experience.

Authentic4D clients close legitimate claims faster while avoiding unnecessary litigation and other claim related expenses. For exaggerated injury claims, we provide confidence in knowing you’re taking the correct course of action.

Objective, visual truth in 72 hours

Our industry transforming Video Report is a modern day medical record that compels results. Approximately 70% of human beings are visual learners. The Video Report integrates a traditional written radiological opinion with an easy-to-understand 120 second 2D/3D visual tour of the actual MRI presenting undeniable visual evidence at your fingertips. The Video Report improves the efficiency and economics of over-reaching injury claims.

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