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Resolve injury claims quickly & confidently

In just 48 hours, our objective fellowship trained, sub-specialized radiologists provide accurate reports with commentary on “aging”, identifying whether an alleged injury is trauma-induced or pre-existing.

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New Partnership

Authentic4D partners with more than 1,000 leading imaging centers across the nation to bring you Better Quality and Faster Results

Workers’ Comp Dx Network
The only WC Dx network that controls quality end-to-end

Get it right the 1st time with a high quality scan and radiology read​

A4D has unrivaled radiology and technology expertise, resulting in the only Dx network that guarantees a high quality scan and fellowship trained radiology read on all claims, resulting in substantially better diagnostic accuracy, more streamlined treatment protocols and improved risk management.  

Images are reviewed by top radiologists

with board certifications at institutions in 50 states

Valid injury claims are confirmed

with an objective, blinded read of the file

Pre-existing injuries are identified

faster and more economically than with an IME

Support with treating physicians

A4D radiologists have high-end credentials and will explain their opinions to treating physicians

Auto & General Liability

Defend pre-existing or exaggerated claims with FDA cleared visuals combined with a fellowship trained sub-specialized radiologist written report

100% admissible video report

In 5 days or less and for less than the cost of an IME, we’ll deliver a written + video report including a 90- to 120-second tour of the actual medical image. Our FDA-approved software translates complex medical images into an easy-to-understand 3D video, comparing a claimant’s images side-by-side with the same anatomy in a healthy and injured state. The result is a compelling, objective, 100% admissible video that separates fact from fiction.

Our Radiologists

Sub-specialist radiologists from top hospitals in 50 states

Authentic4D only uses board-certified neuro-, musculoskeletal, and body fellowship trained radiologists currently employed at top institutions. All cases are evaluated on a blinded basis, so all A4D opinions are guaranteed to be objective.

Authentic4D Benefits

More than 80% of the time, sub-specialized radiologists can determine if an alleged injury is trauma-induced vs. pre-existing.



Most cases are turned around in under 48 hours



Cost effective low flat fee verbal medical review



Blind reads by sub-specialists prevent bias



Video comparison of injury to healthy and injured examples

Return on Investment

Injury claims often take months to resolve…if not longer. Time = Money.

The average cost of an open claim to a carrier is $4,000 – $8,000 per month. Similarly, the cost of prolonging a claim for a plaintiff attorney can be expensive considering the contingency model of their business. None of this factors in the costs of unnecessary litigation or medical expenses. A4D provides answers in 5 business days, helping you resolve cases faster.

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