Plaintiff Attorneys

Authentic4D helps plaintiff attorneys communicate the severity of an injury in a powerful and compelling way, catalyzing more efficient settlements.

Plaintiff Attorneys

Maximize your client’s settlement with undeniable visual evidence

Taking on injury cases is always a risk, but you do the hard work up front to determine if the case is legitimate and winnable. However, this process can take months and the costs involved are substantial.

Objective, visual truth in 72 hours

Our speed is unparalleled. Within 72 hours of receiving your scans through our HIPAA compliant site and payment, we will present you with a draft of your video for review and feedback. With our 2D/3D videos, you’ll have easy-to-understand, undeniable visual evidence at your fingertips at a fraction of the cost of an illustration or animation.
This technology can help you avoid litigation expenses and help the other side appreciate the depth and legitimacy of the injury while enabling your client to achieve what they deserve. And with this visual evidence at your disposal, persuading mediators, jurors or judges is practically guaranteed.

100% Quality Guarantee

We’ll notify you within 24 hours of receiving a scan in the event the scan does not meet our internal quality threshold.

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