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About Authentic4D

For professionals who want to get to the truth about injuries faster, A4D gives you the truth and nothing but the truth.

Instead of waiting for months on IMEs, our 3D imaging objectively and easily communicates the severity of injuries pre-suit and during any phase of litigation. You’ll have an expert medical review in 48 hours and undeniable video evidence in 72 hours…for a fraction of the cost of an IME.

Our software is FDA approved and we employ a team of talented board-certified neuro and musculoskeletal radiologists. Our experts are highly credentialed and will be available to provide a testimony about the age and cause of an injury.

Our Story

We wanted to save lives, so we started with the basics: knowledge.

When you or a loved one are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or injury, understanding what’s wrong and communicating with your doctor is incredibly difficult. Medical jargon and complicated medical images don’t answer your questions, they just create more. This lack of knowledge can make you feel helpless and actually limits your ability to explore treatment options.

A4D’s founder, Jorey Chernett, was faced with these same communication challenges and knowledge gaps during his wife’s previous battle with breast cancer. He wanted to eliminate uncertainties and misunderstandings for other patients going through similar, painful experiences, so he came up with an idea: a novel way to educate patients.

Vivid, easy-to-understand 3D views of injuries and illnesses would not only close the knowledge gap between patient and doctor, but would improve surgical planning. Patients who are empowered with knowledge are better able to make informed decisions about their treatment.

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