A4D Process

Authentic4D evaluates a claim within 48 hours​

For a small flat fee and in 48 hours we’ll conduct an initial review of your medical images, and you’ll confidently know the severity of an injury. Reviews are performed by board-certified neuro or musculoskeletal radiologists, licensed in the state where the claim is filed. Evaluations are always communicated orally, and from it, you can decide whether or not a video report is needed to visually support your position.

Should the oral evaluation of your medical image(s) necessitate a video comparison, in 72 hours and for less than the cost of an IME, you’ll have a 100% admissible Video Report which combines both a traditional radiologist written report with a 90 – 120 second easy-to-understand tour of the actual medical image for a compelling visual reference… Seeing is believing.

Authentic4D Reviews are 100% Admissible 

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