Workers’ Comp Examiners & Counsel

Get the diagnostic correct the 1st time with Authentic4D and clearly understand if an alleged injury is acute vs. pre-existing.  A4D improves the quality of care and risk management while helping you avoid unnecessary medical expense.  

Workers’ Comp Examiners & Counsel

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Diagnostic imaging plays an incredibly important role in determining a treatment protocol for an injured worker. The words on a radiology report such as “tear” or “herniation” can set the wheels in motion and greatly influences the treating physician’s approach.

Therefore, “getting it right or wrong” can have substantial downstream treatment, financial and risk management implications.

Authentic4D has built and operates the most advanced diagnostic imaging network in in the industry. A4D combines fellowship trained sub-specialized radiologists with advanced scanning to ensure unparalleled diagnostic accuracy.

The only end-to-end digitally connected network, enabling unprecedented quality and diagnostic accuracy resulting in better patient outcomes and the avoidance of unnecessary medical expense.

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